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Monday, March 12, 2018

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Randolph Police Department Advises Residents Ahead of Third Nor’easter

RANDOLPH — After handling the first two nor’easters that hit the region in recent weeks, Chief William Pace is advising Randolph residents to prepare for yet another winter storm.

The National Weather Service has issued a hazardous weather outlook and winter storm warning for Norfolk, Plymouth and Bristol counties, noting the potential for blizzard-like conditions and heavy snowfall beginning Monday night and continuing throughout the day Tuesday.

Randolph could see between 13 and 23 inches of snow, according to the National Weather Service. Temperatures during the storm are expected to be between 33 and 28 degrees. Wind gusts could reach speeds of up to 46 mph.

“With the significant amount of snow that is expected, we ask our residents to plan accordingly for any potential power outages to homes and businesses,” Chief Pace said. “If it is safe to do so, please check on your elderly and disabled neighbors who may need assistance before, during and after the storm.”


  • Residents should be prepared for power outages and stock up on batteries for flashlights or battery powered lanterns. If using candles, keep them away from anything flammable and never leave them unattended.
  • Keep cell phones, laptops and tablets charged as much as possible. Consider an external battery for your devices.
  • Neighbors should talk with one another and set up plans to assist those who may be at risk and/or in need of help.


  • Stay off the roads and stay indoors, if possible. Give plow and sand/salt trucks the space they need to operate.
  • If your power goes out during the storm, contact National Grid at 800-465-1212 to report an outage.
  • To report a gas leak, call 911. Residents can also contact Columbia Gas at 800-525-8222 for gas-related issues.
  • Follow the Randolph Fire Department on their  Facebook page and  Twitter account updates during and after the storm. The police and fire stations will be open throughout the storm. If you have an emergency, call 911.


  • Clear snow from any gas vents attached to your home.
  • Assist the fire department by shoveling out any hydrants near your home.
  • Do not go near or drive over any downed power lines.
  • Check your property for any trees that could be in danger of falling near your home or vehicles.
  • As the snow begins to melt, clear any debris from storm drains near your home to allow water to drain.
  • Do not pump water from sump pumps into the road. The water can freeze and cause hazardous conditions if the temperature dips.


Randolph Police Department Advises Residents Ahead of Third Nor’easter