RANDOLPH — The Randolph / Holbrook Joint Water Board reports that the Town of Randolph and Town of Holbrook are under a town-wide boil water order after an issue at the Randolph/Holbrook Joint Water Treatment Plant.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection issued the order Wednesday after a loss of pressure due to a mechanical fault at the water treatment plant.

A loss of pressure at a water treatment plant increases the likelihood that bacteria could enter the water system. In order to mitigate this risk, DEP has issued the boil water water.

Residents and business owners are advised that they should boil tap water for drinking and other human consumption uses like cooking, brushing teeth and hand washing.

Crews are working to restore water pressure to normal levels. The boil water order will be lifted once normal pressure levels are reached and sample testing confirms the absence of any contaminants.

The joint treatment plant is located on Pond Street in Randolph.

Updates will be provided as repair work progresses. Residents may also visit the Randolph and Holbrook town websites for more information,


Randolph and Holbrook Under Boil Water Order after Loss of Pressure at Treatment Plant