RANDOLPH — Chief William Pace is pleased to share that Randolph Police Officers donated approximately 80 coats last week to the Randolph Public Schools to be distributed to kids in need this winter.

The winter jackets were purchased using the funds donated by officers to participate in the department’s annual Fitness Cup event, coordinated each year by Commander Anthony Marag and Officer Kinnon Ryan. The event is part of an ongoing officer wellness program and the money raised each year is used to support a worthy cause.

Last year, the money was donated to the Sgt. Chesna Family Fund to benefit the family of fallen Weymouth Police Sgt. Michael Chesna.

This year, Detectives Kevin Gilbert and Kristin Gagnon coordinated with the schools to compile a list of students in need. Commander Marag, Officer Ryan, Det. John Bringardner, Det. Gilbert and Det. Gagnon purchased the jackets with the money raised.

The 80 jackets were distributed to the schools on Friday, Dec. 4 by Detectives Gilbert and Gagnon and Officer Ryan.

“I’d like to commend all of the officers involved in the purchasing and distribution of the jackets for their work to ensure kids in our community had warm coats this year,” Chief Pace said. “We are pleased that the annual Fitness Cup, which is a beneficial initiative for the health and wellbeing of officers, is also able to support a worthy cause each year.”

The Randolph Police Department would like to thank the Randolph Public Schools for assisting in compiling a list of students to ensure all students in need received a winter jacket this year. Additionally, the department would like to thank Jean, of Avon, who did not wish for her last name to be published, for her donation. Jean approached the officers while they were distributing the coats to the schools and donated $100 to the cause. Her donation also went toward the jackets.


Randolph Police Department Donates 80 Coats to Randolph Schools Following Annual Fitness Cup Challenge