The Randolph Citizen’s Police Academy is a 12 week program designed to provide an environment which the community can learn about policing directly from the officers who serve them. The CPA exists for many purposes, such as educating the community about policing, explains why officers take the actions that they do while patrolling, separates the myths from realities of policing and helps to bridge the gaps which exist between the community and the police department.

Attendees of the CPA will have classes in various areas of law enforcement, such as:

  • Criminal Law
  • Domestic Violence
  • CPR Certification
  • Narcotics Enforcement
  • Criminal Investigations (CSI)
  • All students will have the opportunity to go with an RPD officer for a four-hour “ride along” during a tour of duty. All aspects of the Randolph CPA are FREE!!

If you are interested in participating in our next class, please fill out an application and contact Sgt. Richard Hughes @ (781) 963-1212 or [email protected].

Current Citizen’s Police Academy for Seniors

  • None scheduled, check back later…

Randolph Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association (RCPAAA)

Upon graduating from the Citizen’s Police Academy, all graduates have the option of participating in the Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni. The Alumni exists for the purposes of continued camaraderie amongst the graduates, a commitment to public and community service through various programs and initiatives both in the name of the Randolph Police as well as the Alumni, as well as continuing education in the area of law enforcement.

The Alumni has conducted fundraisers which directly services and affects the community. Some examples of their work are:

  • Purchase of a bullet-resistant vest for RPD patrol dog Rony
  • Purchase of the Department’s first Automatic External Defibulator (AED)
  • The providing of funds for the Randolph CPAA Scholarship for a Randolph student who seeks a higher education in the area of Criminal Justice
  • Conducted a traffic survey on behalf of RPD and Northeastern University for research being conducted in the area of racial profiling
  • “Adopting” a family in need every holiday season
  • Assisted RPD with events such as Law Day, safety Day, fingerprinting of children for personal identification kits

The Alumni has been an invaluable tool for the Randolph Police Department and the community. The work done by the Alumni has helped our department by encouraging a stronger relationship and better communication between the department and the community we serve by providing services which aid both the community and the department, as well as giving a feeling of support and appreciation to our officers.

Thanks to the partnership between the Randolph Police and the Alumni, the goals of both organizations will be reached with greater efficiency and effect for the community as a whole.

Sergeant Richard T Hughes, CPAA Liaison