Chief William Pace[email protected]
Cmdr. John Hamelburg – Commander of Operations and Training[email protected]
Cmdr. Anthony Marag – Commander of Investigative Services [email protected]
Lt. Robert Emerson[email protected]
Lt. James Hayward[email protected]
Det. Lt. Melissa Greener[email protected]
Lt. Jeffrey Chaplin[email protected]
Lt. Penny Cirino[email protected]
Lt. Christine Morse[email protected]
Sgt. Richard Hughes[email protected]
Sgt. Robert Legrice[email protected]
Sgt. Michael O’Neill[email protected]
Det. Sgt. Gabriel Pantazelos[email protected]
Det. Sgt. Jason Fisher[email protected]
Sgt. Douglas Morgan[email protected]
Sgt. Daniel Zaiter[email protected]
Det. Paul Smyth[email protected]
Det. Michael Tuitt[email protected]
Det. John Bringardner[email protected]
Det. Richard Brewer[email protected]
Det. Marc Abramson[email protected]
Det. Christopher Jones[email protected]
School Resource Officer
Det. Kristen Gagnon[email protected]
Det. Kevin Gilbert[email protected]
Det. Charles Boudreau[email protected]
Safety Officer
Kevin Donnelly[email protected]
Ptl. Michael Beal[email protected]
Ptl. Howard Solow[email protected]
Ptl. Steven Elman[email protected]
Ptl. Richard Lucey[email protected]
Ptl. Robert Iskra[email protected]
Ptl. Glenn Frazier[email protected]
Ptl. Scott Sherman[email protected]
Ptl. Joshua Hunt[email protected]
Ptl. James Sutherland[email protected]
Ptl. Craig Staffier[email protected]
Ptl. Marc L’Italien[email protected]
Ptl. Kinnon Ryan[email protected]
Ptl. Miguel Cruz[email protected]
Ptl. Brian Flaherty[email protected]
Ptl. Stephen Ayers[email protected]
Ptl. Shawn Palmer[email protected]
Ptl. Scott Peters[email protected]
Ptl. Kevin Aldred[email protected]
Ptl. Casey L’Italien[email protected]
Ptl. Steven Rosa[email protected]
Ptl. Matthew Rodman[email protected]
Ptl. Gregory Nelson[email protected]
Ptl. Trevor Clark[email protected]
Ptl. Herbert Nash[email protected]
Ptl. Duong Tran[email protected]
Ptl. Vardy Duperval[email protected]
Ptl. Vincent Saengsombat[email protected]
Ptl. Vincent Burton[email protected]
Ptl. Joao Santos[email protected]
K9 Unit
Ptl. Stephen Morse[email protected]
Ptl. Geoffrey Lucas[email protected]
Secretary Diane Tracey-McNulty[email protected]
Financial Clerk
Clerk Michelle Hamelburg[email protected]