Randolph Police Department Launches Body-Worn Camera Program for All Sworn Officers

RANDOLPH — Chief Anthony Marag announces that the Randolph Police Department has launched a body-worn camera program for all sworn officers.

The program launched Tuesday, Nov. 8. All officers, including Chief Marag, have been outfitted with a body-worn camera, which is embedded in the officer’s uniform to prevent it from detaching, and have received training on how the device operates and functions.

“Launching the body-worn camera program is an important step in our mission to provide the best services possible to our community, in a way that fosters added transparency and accountability,” Chief Marag said. “I would like to thank everyone who has supported the planning and implementation of this initiative, including the Randolph Town Council, Reps. Bruce Ayers and William Driscoll, and Sens. Walter Timilty and Michael Brady. I look forward to seeing how the program can help us enrich the police-community relationship in Randolph and strengthen public trust.”

Officers are now required by department policy to wear the body-worn camera at all times during their shift. Policy dictates that they activate the camera during all police interactions, while keeping in consideration the expectation of privacy, such as while on medical calls or when in contact with confidential informants.

Prior to the launch of the program, the department completed approximately a year and a half of research into policy and best practices, vetted vendors, negotiated with the police union, worked with the selected vendor to tailor the system for the department’s needs, and developed formal policies for camera use and data storage.

In addition to body-worn cameras, the department is utilizing in-car video systems, which include unlimited storage.

“The launch of this program keeps the Randolph Police Department in line with best practices in transparency and accountability, and I am proud to see our department moving forward with this initiative,” Town Manager Brian Howard said. “I would like to commend Chief Marag and his command staff, as well as our union leadership, for recognizing the value in a body-worn camera program and for the work that has been put into its implementation.”

Added Randolph Town Council President Bill Alexopoulos, “I would like to thank the Town Manager, Police Chief and the membership of the police department for working together to bring the body-worn camera initiative to Randolph. Randolph remains on the forefront of innovation in Massachusetts for police-community relations. The cameras will improve public safety, strengthen community relations and enhance the values of transparency and accountability.”

The department worked with law enforcement technology provider, Utility, Inc. to purchase the cameras and equipment. They were funded through a $106,700 state grant allocated by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security’s Office of Grants and Research (OGR) Body-Worn Camera (BWC) program in January, as well as through funding allocated through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA).