Randolph Police Officers Complete 3rd Annual Fitness Cup Challenge

RANDOLPH — Chief William Pace is pleased to share that the Randolph Police Department completed its 3rd Annual Fitness Cup Challenge at the end of December 2020.

The Fitness Cup Challenge is a 90-day challenge coordinated each year by Officer Kinnon Ryan and Commander Anthony Marag. It is part of a larger ongoing health and wellness initiative at the Randolph Police Department.

The challenge includes separate weight loss and fitness competitions. The fitness tests include a bench press, squat, one mile run, 500 meter row and a farmer’s walk.

Officers donate money to compete in the event each year and the funds are then used to support various fundraising efforts. Past causes have included the Sgt. Chesna Family Fund, Toys for Tots and winter coats for kids in need within the Randolph Public Schools.

“Physical health and fitness is a significant factor in whether officers are able to do their jobs safely each day,” Chief Pace said. “The Fitness Cup Challenge is a way for us to specifically dedicate a few months each year to promoting healthy habits, which contribute greatly to the overall wellbeing of our officers. Being able to support different causes within the community through the challenge is something we’re proud to do as well.”

Officer Casey L’Italien was the women’s overall winner in the 3rd Annual Fitness Cup Challenge and Officer Shawn Palmer was the men’s overall winner.

The challenge usually takes place annually in April but was delayed until the end of 2020 due to COVID-19.


Randolph Police Department Donates 80 Coats to Randolph Schools Following Annual Fitness Cup Challenge

RANDOLPH — Chief William Pace is pleased to share that Randolph Police Officers donated approximately 80 coats last week to the Randolph Public Schools to be distributed to kids in need this winter.

The winter jackets were purchased using the funds donated by officers to participate in the department’s annual Fitness Cup event, coordinated each year by Commander Anthony Marag and Officer Kinnon Ryan. The event is part of an ongoing officer wellness program and the money raised each year is used to support a worthy cause.

Last year, the money was donated to the Sgt. Chesna Family Fund to benefit the family of fallen Weymouth Police Sgt. Michael Chesna.

This year, Detectives Kevin Gilbert and Kristin Gagnon coordinated with the schools to compile a list of students in need. Commander Marag, Officer Ryan, Det. John Bringardner, Det. Gilbert and Det. Gagnon purchased the jackets with the money raised.

The 80 jackets were distributed to the schools on Friday, Dec. 4 by Detectives Gilbert and Gagnon and Officer Ryan.

“I’d like to commend all of the officers involved in the purchasing and distribution of the jackets for their work to ensure kids in our community had warm coats this year,” Chief Pace said. “We are pleased that the annual Fitness Cup, which is a beneficial initiative for the health and wellbeing of officers, is also able to support a worthy cause each year.”

The Randolph Police Department would like to thank the Randolph Public Schools for assisting in compiling a list of students to ensure all students in need received a winter jacket this year. Additionally, the department would like to thank Jean, of Avon, who did not wish for her last name to be published, for her donation. Jean approached the officers while they were distributing the coats to the schools and donated $100 to the cause. Her donation also went toward the jackets.


Randolph Police Raises $1,000 for Sgt. Chesna Family Fund During 2nd Annual Fitness Cup Challenge

From left: Detective Paul Smyth, Officer Duong Tran, Officer Kinnon Ryan, Lt. Anthony Marag, Officer Steven Ayers and Sgt. Jason Fisher. (Courtesy Photo Randolph Police Department)

RANDOLPH — Chief William Pace is pleased to share that the Randolph Police Department recently raised $1,000 for the Sgt. Chesna Family Fund during the 2nd Annual Fitness Cup Challenge.

The Fitness Cup Challenge is part of a larger health and wellness initiative at the Randolph Police Department supported by Chief Pace. The 90 day challenge began in February and ended in April, and includes separate fitness and weight loss competitions. Many of the 37 members of the department competed in both the fitness and weight loss challenges.

The fitness test included a bench press, squat, one mile run and 500 meter row.

“This challenge gives us a concentrated period of time to really focus on health and fitness, which lays the groundwork to keep up healthy habits,” Chief Pace said. “In police work, fitness, health and wellness are all incredibly important, and I think prioritizing these values makes us a better department in the long run. We also had the opportunity to raise money through this initiative for Sgt. Chesna’s family, which is something we all felt strongly about and were happy to be able to do.”

Officer Trevor Clark won the fitness portion of the event and Sgt. Jason Fisher won the weight loss component of the competition.

The Fitness Cup Challenge was sponsored by Hanley Law Realty of Weymouth and Precision Fitness Equipment.

The Sgt. Chesna Family Fund was created by the Weymouth Police Department following the death of Sgt. Michael Chesna, who was killed in the line of duty in July 2018. The fund raises money for Sgt. Chesna’s family.