*MEDIA ADVISORY* Randolph and North Attleboro Police Departments to Honor 3-Year-Old Boy with Congenital Heart Disease

Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019

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Randolph and North Attleboro Police Departments to Honor 3-Year-Old Boy with Congenital Heart Disease

Mikey Grover to be Made Honorary Police Officer

NORTH ATTLEBORO — North Attleboro Police Chief John Reilly and Randolph Police Chief William Pace are pleased to announce that the two police departments will be teaming up next week to make 3-year-old Mikey Grover an honorary police officer for his bravery and courage in dealing with congenital heart disease.

The North Attleboro boy will be pinned with a police badge, receive certificates of commendation and will be given other items from the police departments during the event.


Thursday, Feb. 28, at 7 p.m.


North Attleboro Police Department, 102 South Washington St.


Mikey was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a birth defect that affects the flow of blood through the heart, due to sections of the heart being underdeveloped. He was also born with heterotaxy, a rare condition where his major organs were developed in abnormal places in his chest and abdomen.

As a result of his conditions, Mikey has spent much of his young life receiving treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital and has already undergone two open heart surgeries.

Through it all, the boy lives a happy life with his parents, Thomas and Julie, and three older sisters in North Attleboro.

Last year, Randolph Police Officer Kevin Gilbert heard about Mikey’s story and reached out to the family to see how he could help. Mikey’s parents told Officer Gilbert about Mikey’s Brave Bags, an initiative started by the Grover family where they put together care packages for other sick children in the hospital, helping to provide them and their families some comfort during the most difficult of times.

“When I first spoke to Thomas and Julie, I couldn’t believe what they were doing,” Officer Gilbert said. “Here their son is going through so much and fighting for his life, and not only are they helping and supporting him as best as they can, but they’re also looking to help other families that are in similar situations, people that they don’t even know. They really are an amazing family.”

Inside of Mikey’s Brave Bags are items like toys, stuffed animals, coloring books, arts and crafts, clothes, children’s books, snacks and more. Earlier this month, the family donated dozens of the gift bags to kids and their families at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Through providing donations to Mikey’s Brave Bags and getting to know the Grover family, Officer Gilbert began including items from the police department such as patches and stickersEventually, Mikey told his mother that he loves police officers and Officer Gilbert came up with the idea to make the boy an honorary police officer for his bravery and courage in his fight.

Because he is from North Attleboro, it was decided that the Randolph Police would team up with NAPD to give the Grover family a special day at their department.

“Hearing about Mikey’s story and his wonderful family really puts things in perspective,” Chief Reilly said. “While he will be made a police officer for a day, Mikey truly is a hero every day and we are honored to be hosting the Grover family at the police station next week.”

Chief Pace said, “Officer Gilbert is one of our most charitable officers, who often goes above and beyond the call of duty to selflessly help others in need. When I heard about Mikey and what he has gone through and Officer Gilbert’s idea to make him an honorary police officer, I thought it would be a great way to recognize Mikey and bring attention to congenital heart disease and the noble cause his parents are undertaking with Mikey’s Brave Bags.”

Those who would like to donate items to Mikey’s Brave Bags can go to the Mikey Strong Facebook page and send a private message about donating for more details.