Randolph Police Department Charges Woman, Seizes Dozens of Stolen Valuables Following Investigation into Thefts at Senior Living Facilities

Police Seeking to Identify Owners of Seized Valuables

RANDOLPH — Chief Anthony Marag announces that, following an extensive investigation into thefts at senior assisted and independent living facilities and the subsequent arrest of a Weymouth woman, the Randolph Police Department is working to reunite people with allegedly stolen items.


  • Identity Fraud
  • Receiving a Stolen Credit Card
  • Improper Use of a Credit Card

FLEURANT was arraigned on the above Randolph charges on March 30 in Quincy District Court, however additional charges are expected. She is also being investigated for related offenses in Cohasset, Weymouth and Quincy.

An investigation into missing property began at a senior assisted and independent living facility in Randolph on March 22 when a victim reported to police that they had noticed jewelry was missing approximately an hour after FLEURANT had left the victim’s apartment. The victim also reported a missing credit card that had been used at a liquor store and at the Macy’s at South Shore Plaza in Braintree.

The subsequent investigation conducted by the Randolph Police Department, with the assistance of the Weymouth Police Department, showed that FLEURANT allegedly went into numerous senior assisted and independent living communities and entered the victims’ apartments, posing as a home health aide or hospice care worker. Once inside the residences, FLEURANT allegedly stole valuables including jewelry, designer handbags, credit cards, checks, money and other valuable items. Upon stealing credit cards, FLEURANT allegedly went to various local stores and purchased large amounts of merchandise.

FLEURANT was employed as a home health aide and the investigation developed evidence that she allegedly stole property from residences where she was supposed to be working, as well as entered residences of victims for whom she did not work. In these instances, FLEURANT allegedly knocked on victims’ doors in multi-unit apartment buildings, and when the victims answered the door, she used a ruse indicating that she was sent by an insurance company or worked for hospice and was there to assist the victim. While working as a home health aide, FLEURANT was able to convince the victims that she belonged in the apartments. Once inside the residences, she allegedly stole property. Several of the victims that have been identified experience dementia.

Through the investigation and identifying FLEURANT as a suspect, Randolph Police applied for arrest warrants for FLEURANT, which were issued on March 29. Investigators were also issued search warrants for her residence and vehicle. Randolph and Weymouth Police executed search warrants at her residence on March 29, and later that day FLEURANT was located operating her vehicle in Weymouth where she was stopped, taken into custody on the arrest warrant and a search warrant was executed on her vehicle.

Upon the execution of the search warrants, FLEURANT was allegedly found to be in possession of personal checks from three different victims. The checks had been removed from the back of the victims’ checkbooks, so the victims were unaware that they were missing. A large amount of jewelry; work identification cards from approximately 12 health care agencies; designer handbags from Coach, Louis Vuitton and Guess; and items purchased using stolen credit cards, along with receipts, were allegedly located in FLEURANT’s possession.

Since the start of the investigation, multiple victims have been located in various communities, including Randolph, Quincy, Braintree, Weymouth, Cohasset and Westwood. Investigators believe there are numerous additional victims, some of whom may not be aware that they are victims.

“This was a diligent and thorough investigation by Randolph Police detectives and our law enforcement partners in nearby communities, which resulted in an arrest and the recovery of many valuable and sentimental items that were taken from peoples’ homes,” Chief Marag said. “We encourage anyone who believes they may be a victim or has noticed jewelry or other valuable items go missing in similar circumstances to contact the Randolph Police Department. It is clear that many of the recovered items are unique, personalized and meaningful, and we hope to be able to return the items to their rightful owners.”

A large number of jewelry and valuables found in FLEURANT’s possession were seized by police and are being held by the Randolph Police Department. Police are currently trying to identify the owners of the items.

Among the items are:

  • A charm with the name “Kim” inside
  • A ceramic jewelry container with a woman holding a heart on the top that reads “love, heartfelt and true” on the inside
  • A gold baby shoe pendant on a clasp engraved with “EPHRATA” on the bottom of the shoe
  • A teddy bear pendant with “HH” on it
  • A penguin pendant with diamonds on it
  • A ring with three set stones
  • Gucci eyeglasses with gold colored frames in a flowered soft glass case
  • A ceramic apple with “Vision Inspiration Accomplishment” engraved on it
  • A gold colored oval jewelry box with a painted top, which is the picture of a yellow building and the words “ASSIS-BASILICA DI S. FRANCESCO”
  • A white pendant with a gold letter “J” in a Lander Jewelers Box
  • A gold bracelet with the name “Vannie” engraved on it
  • The President’s Volunteer Service Award gold coin
  • A snake necklace with diamonds
  • Matching aqua and silver Coach bracelet, necklace and earrings
  • Matching necklace, ring, earrings and bracelet with clouded blue-colored hearts
  • A translucent plastic compartment container containing numerous mens rings, one of which is stamped “United States of America 1874”
  • A bracelet with a starfish by the clasp and a heart pendant with “Emma” engraved on it
  • A bracelet with multi-colored beads, a silver heart pendant engraved with “grandkids” and a heart engraved with “forever friends”
  • A gold pendant with a chain attached to a skeleton key
  • Small jeweled pendants including a snowman’s face with a top hat, two Christmas wreaths and two Christmas trees

A small collection of foreign currency was also located in FLEURANT’s possession, including Dinara (Yugoslavia), Schilling (Austria), Bolivares (Venezuela), Rupees (India), Pounds (Scotland) and Lire (India).

There are numerous other pieces of jewelry including rings, necklaces and bracelets that are in the possession of the Randolph Police Department and may be identified by the owners. In total, the department has an estimated 50 pieces of jewelry.

The Randolph Police Department is looking to identify any additional victims and has photographs of the seized jewelry and other items available for viewing. Anyone with information on the items or who believes they may be a victim is asked to call the Randolph Police Department at 781-963-1212 and ask for Detective Marc Abramson (ext. 135) or Detective Christopher Jones (ext. 122).

These are allegations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.


ANNE ROSE FLEURANT, AGE 36, OF WEYMOUTH was arrested on March 29 and charged by Randolph Police following an investigation into thefts in multiple communities in Norfolk County. (Photo courtesy Randolph Police Department)