Randolph Fire and Police Departments Thank Local Ocean State Job Lot for Personal Protective Equipment Donation

RANDOLPH — Fire Chief Richard Donovan and Police Chief William Pace would like to thank the local Ocean State Job Lot for its donation of personal protective equipment (PPE) to the police and fire departments last week.

The donated items for each department included 40 KN95 masks and 240 face shields, as well as packages of hand wipes, anti-bacterial wipes and bottles of hand sanitizer.

First responders will use the equipment to continue to protect themselves from exposure to illness as they respond to calls involving people who may be reporting symptoms in line with COVID-19 or may have been in contact with a positive COVID-19 case. As the virus continues to spread, the departments aim to keep personnel healthy so that they can continue to serve the community.

“We’re very grateful to Ocean State Job Lot for its donation of personal protective equipment for our department, especially as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise across the region,” Chief Donovan said.

Added Chief Pace, “This donation provides us with important protective equipment and we are very appreciative of Ocean State Job Lot’s continued support of and generosity toward our community.”

The donations will be issued to police and fire personnel as needed as the COVID-19 situation continues to develop.


Randolph Police Department Thanks Community Partners, Residents for Holiday Gift Donations

Chief William Pace and the Randolph Police Department would like to thank several community organizations and partners that have donated items over the past several weeks for the department to distribute to families in Randolph this season.

The Randolph Police Department would like to thank residents, as well as Ocean State Job Lot, Orangetheory Fitness of Dedham and the Stoughton Police Department.

Ocean State Job Lot donated an $800 gift card that was used to purchase clothes and other essential items for school children and their family members. The department would like to thank Jim Black, J.R. Mitchell, Keith Cruz and Daniekqun Reddick of Ocean State Job Lot.

Orangetheory Fitness of Dedham held a toy drive at their gym. Owner Kerri Bliss and Manager Michelee Chery donated the toys from the drive to the department.

The Stoughton Police Department conducted a toy drive as well and donated some of what it had collected to the Randolph Police Department’s toy drive. The department would like to thank Stoughton Police Sgt. Nate Derby, Officer Matthew Gada and Officer Michael Connolly.

The donations, paired with donations from residents to the Randolph Police Toys for Tots drive, allowed the department to donate toys, clothes and other essential items to dozens of families between all of the schools in the Randolph Public Schools. The items were distributed by officers to the various schools in the district on Monday, Dec. 21.

“We’d like to thank each of these community partners for their valuable contributions to this year’s drive, as well as our residents for their donations and continued support of our community,” Chief Pace said. “The donations helped us to give toys and other important supplies to many families in Randolph this season.”

The department would also like to thank the Randolph Public Schools staff and Kimberly Duane of the district administration for their assistance with distribution.