Randolph Police Host Successful Active Shooter Response Training Course

Randolph Police Department
William Pace, Police Chief
41 South Main St.
Randolph, MA 02368

For Immediate Release

Friday, Nov. 2, 2018

Contact: Benjamin Paulin
Phone: 781-428-3299
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Randolph Police Host Successful Active Shooter Response Training Course

Additional Training Courses Available to Those Who Apply

RANDOLPH — Chief William Pace reports that the Randolph Police Department hosted a successful training course for community members about reacting to active shooter incidents.

The course, held on Oct. 17, taught participants about the Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) program. The training is meant to prepare civilians for the possibility that they could be targeted in a violent intruder event, giving them knowledge to help save their own lives and the lives of others before law enforcement arrives.

There were 27 participants in the class, which was held at the Randolph Intergenerational Community Center.

During the presentation an overview of past violent intruder cases was given.

“Participants were provided with a plan about how to properly react during a violent intruder event,” said Commander John Hamelburg, who taught the course. “This increased their knowledge on how to protect themselves and reduce dangers that come during such events.”

The participants were trained in the strategy of Avoid/Run, Deny/Hide, Defend/Fight:

  • Avoid Danger – This is the preferred option when dealing with a violent intruder situation and begins with awareness of your environment prior to any active, hostile act occurring. It also includes having a plan ahead of time regarding what you would do in an event of a violent intruder attack and knowing escapes routes.
  • Deny Access – If avoidance is not possible, find ways to prevent the attacker from having access to you and others around you. Close and lock doors, barricade doorways with furniture, etc.
  • Defend Yourself and Take Action – As a last resort, people have the right to defend themselves if they believe their lives are in imminent danger. It is important to remember that there are ways to stop threats created by a violent intruder without the use of a weapon. CRASE provides several alternatives, which are taught during the course.

Another presentation was given to employees of the Showcase Cinema move theater in Randolph last week.

Those who would like to schedule a CRASE training session at their business, school, place of worship or elsewhere can contact Randolph Police Commander John Hamelburg at johnhamelburg@randolphmapolice.com or call 781-963-1212.