Randolph and Whitman Police Departments Among Several Agencies Helping to Escort Whitman Toddler to Hospital for Surgery

WHITMAN — Randolph Police Chief Anthony Marag and Whitman Police Chief Timothy Hanlon are pleased to share that several local police departments took part in a special escort yesterday for a Whitman toddler who is set to undergo open-heart surgery.

Departments from seven neighboring communities came together Wednesday, April 14, to escort Nathaniel Rodman, who is affectionately known as “Nate the Great,” to Boston Children’s Hospital along with members of the boy’s family. 

Rodman was born with multiple heart and kidney defects that have required several surgeries, including his first open-heart surgery when he was only 5 weeks old. The departments came together for Rodman and his family, which includes Matthew Rodman, who has served as a Randolph Police officer for more than seven years. 

In addition to officers from Randolph and Whitman, members of the Quincy, Weymouth, Stoughton, Canton and Braintree police departments all took part in the early-morning escort Wednesday. Last week, officers had a badge made for Rodman to signify him becoming an honorary police officer.

“The escort was a way to recognize Nathanial for the tremendous courage he has shown during his life, and as a way to take the family’s mind off everything for a few minutes before they entered the hospital to begin this latest procedure,” said Randolph Police Det. Kevin Gilbert. “We have done escorts like this before and it is always easy to find officers willing to participate. We truly have an amazing network of passionate officers in this region.”

Several of the officers who participated in Wednesday’s escort were police academy classmates of Matthew Rodman, making the event all the more personal for many of them. 

The Whitman Police Department played a key role in assisting with traffic control and providing advice on the best routes to approach and leave the house for the escort.

“This entire event was a group effort between Randolph Police, Whitman Police and the surrounding agencies, and it shows that we are always willing to help a family in need,” Det. Gilbert said. “Nathaniel is a fighter, and we are confident that he will come out of this surgery in amazing shape.”