The fee for applications is $100.00, unless you are over 70 years of age.  Application processing is free to applicants over 70 years of age. A check or money order is acceptable, made payable to TOWN OF RANDOLPH.

The following guidelines will assist you in submitting your application via US Mail:


  • New license applicants should download the Massachusetts Resident Firearms Application located at the bottom of this page
  • New applicants are required to take a Massachusetts Firearms Safety Course.  Upon completion of the safety course applicants will be issued a certificate which will be required documentation for the firearms license application.
  • New license applicants will be required to mail or drop off the application packet special attention to Lt. Penny Cirino.  Lt. Cirino will call you once she has all of the packet for fingerprinting and payment.

NOTE:  There may be delays in contact due to pandemic backlog.

  • A receipt of the transaction is available upon request.


  • Applicants renewing a current firearms license must submit an application and complete the Affidavit page.
  • All applicants should mail their completed application form to:

Randolph Police Department
ATTN: Firearms Licensing
41 South Main St

Randolph, MA 02368

  • Please be sure to include a check or money order for the licensing fee in the amount of $100 made out to the TOWN OF RANDOLPH
  • A receipt of the transaction is available upon request.
  • Renewal applicants will not require new fingerprints.
  • Licenses will remain Active, so long as applicants renew their license BEFORE its expiration, until the new one is either approved or denied.

If you have any questions regarding firearms licensing procedures or applicable fees, please contact Lt. Penny Cirino at or 781-963-1212


Information for the Applicant of an LTC or FID

The most common reasons for denial of an application for a License to Carry Firearms (LTC) or a Firearms Identification Card include:

  1. Having a disqualifying criminal record (convictions)
  2. Falsely answering any question on the application
  3. Falsely answering any question to the Licensing Officer during interview
  4. Omitting prior court appearances from the application as required

The Licensing Authority will access any and all records of detentions, arrests, court appearances, juvenile adjudications, and any “SEALED” records to determine the suitability of all applicants for any firearms license.  After reading this form you will be asked specific questions regarding mental health history, past criminal history, and other personal background information.  You must answer all questions fully and truthfully.  If you fail to do so, your application will be denied.

Please note in particular that you will be asked if you have ever been arrested or “appeared in court as a defendant”.  You must disclose any time you were at court as a defendant in a criminal matter, whether you were arrested or not.  This includes any appearances, adult or juvenile, regardless of disposition (not guilty, continued without a finding, dismissed, etc.) no matter how long ago you appeared in court.  You must also disclose any sealed records.

Having been arrested or even convicted of a crime does not necessarily prohibit you from obtaining a Firearms License; omitting this information certainly will.  If you provide a false answer, or omit information from the application, your application will be denied and you may be charged with a crime (MGL c.140, sec.129B(8), 131(h)).

Eligibility Requirements

You must be a citizen of the United States or a Permanent Resident Alien (Green Card Holder) and must submit Proof (a US Birth Certificate or Valid Passport, Permanent Resident Alien Card).  If you are a naturalized citizen, you must have a Certificate of Naturalization.

You must be a resident of Randolph or own a business in Randolph.

You must be at least 21 years old.

You must have no outstanding warrants.

You must not be the subject of an active restraining order.

If you have been treated or confined for mental illness, drug addiction or alcoholism, you must wait five years from the termination of such treatment or confinement.  You must submit an affidavit from a registered physician or clinical psychologist stating that the physician or psychologist is familiar with your mental illness, alcohol or substance abuse and that in the physician’s or psychologist’s opinion, you are not disabled by a mental illness, alcohol or substance abuse in a manner that shall prevent you from possessing a firearm, rifle or shotgun.

Permanent Disqualifiers for an LTC include a conviction for:  a felony, a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for more than 2 years, a violent crime, a violation of any law regulating the use, possession, ownership, transfer, purchase, sale, lease, rental, receipt or transportation of weapons or ammunition, a violation of any law regulating the use, possession or sale of a controlled substance, or a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.

NEW APPLICANTS for LTC/FID can now drop off the application at the police station along with ALL supporting documentation.

NOTE: Applicants should NOT include payment at this time.  They will be contacted and given a day and time to come in for fingerprinting.

Renewal Applicants need only leave the application and Payment of $100.

(Checks payable to The Town of Randolph)

Applicants for an LTC or FID must first take an approved firearms safety course and receive a Basic Firearms Safety Certificate.  You must have this certificate before making an appointment to come in to apply for the license.  Below is a list of items you will need to bring with you at the time of your appointment.

  1. Completed Application (download from
  2. Two letters of reference from the individuals listed on your application.  These letters must state how long they have known you and that in their opinion you are a responsible person suitable to be entrusted with firearm ownership.
  3. Basic Firearms Safety Certificate
  4. Photo Identification
  5. $100 cash or money order non-refundable application fee
  6. Proof of residency (lease agreement, property tax bill, excise tax, utility bill)
  7. Birth Certificate (if born in the US)
  8. If you are a resident alien you must produce your resident alien card.
  9. Naturalized citizens must show certificate of naturalization or U.S. Passport

Once you have these items prepared and organized, you must call for an appointment.

Lt. Penny Cirinio
781 963-1212 extension 132


License to Carry                                                         $100.00
Firearms Identification Card                                       $100.00
Firearms Identification Card-under 18 YOA                 $25.00
Renewal applicants over the age of 70                       FREE
Retired law enforcement personnel                             $25.00

Make all checks and money orders payable to TOWN OF RANDOLPH.