The Strategic Operations Unit is tasked with planning special events and emergency management.  K9 officers fall under this unit.  This unit conducts training in specialty areas such a tactical operation and K9 deployment.  Officers work closely with Metro- Lec.

K9 Rando, and his handler, Officer Stephen Morse. K9 Rando is the department’s single purpose passive indicating narcotic detection K9.  Rando was born on May 8, 2012 and was purchased by the department in September 2012.  At the age of 5 months, he started his canine narcotics class with the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department. After successfully completing training, K9 Rando started patrolling the town in March 2013 along with this handler K9 Officer Stephen Morse.

K9 Officer Morse has been a K9 handler since March 2005 and a police officer with the Town of Randolph since 1996.  The two are assigned to the patrol division and both the officer and his K9 are also part of the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council.  Officer Morse and Rando work on drug interdiction through various methods such as traffic stops and school searches, and also assist with search warrants with the Detective Division.  The K9 Unit will also assist other towns and cities when the need arises.

K9 Aron is a German Shepard imported from Slovakia. K9 Aron attended a 16 week academy and is certified as a patrol dog. K9 Aron is trained to locate missing or lost persons, track fleeing suspects, or those in hiding. He is also trained in building and open area searches, suspect apprehension, handler protection, crowd control, and evidence recovery. K9 Aron is also a member of the Metro SWAT team.  Officer Geoffrey Lucas is the founding member of the K9 team.  He has had a K9 since 2005.


The Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council

The Randolph Police Department is a member of the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council. METROLEC is a consortium of over 43 local area police departments and law enforcement agencies. It is impossible for every community to be fully trained and equipped for every possible contingency. Therefore, local communities have banned together, with organizations such as METROLEC, uniting to help each other and making us all safer in the end. The member communities acknowledge that certain critical incidents call for a law enforcement response that may exceed the capabilities of any one single agency. METROLEC was designed for these types of incidents.

Operational Components

METROLEC consists of several operational components comprised of personnel from throughout the METROLEC communities. These units receive specialized training and equipment and are available to assist any of the member communities in their time of need.

The council currently operates six unique divisions:

  • Canine Unit (K9)
  • Computer Crime Unit (CCU)
  • Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT)
  • Mobile Operations Motorcycle Unit (MOP)
  • Regional Response Team (RRT)
  • Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

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