I would like to welcome the public to the Randolph Police Department’s web site. It is a pleasure to showcase the Police Department electronically and to reach out to the community in this fashion.

The Randolph Police Department has always been, and will continue to be committed to the concept of providing the best possible services to the community, through patrol work, investigatory work, enforcement efforts, educational efforts and the myriad duties our officers perform on a daily basis.

The Randolph Police Department is continually reaching out to the community in an effort to ascertain what services are needed, how we may be able to assist and also to evolve as a law enforcement organization. The G.R.E.A.T. program reaches out to school children and the youth of the community,and combined with the School Resource Officers and the Safety Division the children of Randolph are in excellent hands.

The patrol force, as a whole, stands ready, willing, and able to perform all aspects of their duties immediately. I am very proud of the fact that we have approximately fifty certified Emergency Medical Technicians on this police department. Most of our officers are college graduates as well, and all are well trained and well versed in the law and in their powers and responsibilities.

One of our newest programs is the Citizen’s Police Academy. This is an intensive twelve week program which covers various topics including criminal law, domestic violence, first aid, and much more. The entire program is run and taught by Randolph Police Officers. Our many experts in different fields make it possible to do without outside assistance.

Finally, please remember we are always on duty. Call 781-963-1212 for routine matters, and dial 911 for emergencies. Please visit this website often, as it will be updated frequently, and please feel free to make suggestions any time.

William Pace
Chief of Police