If you know what you’re looking for, you can find the PDFs in this file list. If not, read below!


Accident Form
You must fill out this form within 5 business days of your crash. Please follow the directions on the front page.

Criminal Record Request Forms
Click here for resources on obtaining your own criminal record or on conducting a criminal record check on a third party, such as a caregiver or employee.

Fingerprinting Services
Randolph residents can be fingerprinted for employment, security clearances and immigration purposes. For more information download this form.

Hackney License Application
Please submit application to Sergeant Robert LeGrice. The $30 fee will be assessed once you are approved.

Permit to Solicit and Canvass Application
You must have permission to solicit in the Town of Randolph. Please submit this form to the Safety Officer.

Report Lost/Stolen Property or Documents
Please fill out this form if you have lost or had your property/documents stolen. This form MUST be submitted in person. RPD is not able to take reports of this nature over the phone.

Scam Prevention
Here are some helpful tips to avoid being a victim of a scam. Read more about scam prevention on the Community Resources page.

Traffic Supervisor Application
Please fill out this form and submit to Sergeant Robert LeGrice.

Vacant House Notification
Are you going away? Fill this form out and submit it to the Records Department and our patrol officers will be notified when your home is vacant.

Yard Sale Permit
The Town of Randolph permits; a yard sale to be conducted between the hours of 8am and Sunset; 3 yard sales to be held at one address during one calendar year; and the sale shall not continue for more than 2 consecutive days. Please submit this form to the Records Department.