Randolph Police Department to Implement New Text Messaging Solution for Feedback on Police-Citizen Interactions

RANDOLPH — Chief Anthony Marag is pleased to announce that the Randolph Police Department will soon implement a new community engagement and feedback solution.

Starting Aug. 23, some residents will be contacted via text message to provide feedback after an interaction with the Randolph Police Department. The new service, called CueHit, uses text messaging to contact some 911 callers and others who have recently reported or been involved in non-life-threatening incidents.

The Randolph Police Department will be the first police department in New England using CueHit.

Text messages are sent hours or days after the interaction to those whose number is recorded as part of a call for service or in an officer’s report. The text will ask the individual to complete a short survey about their experience with the department. It will also allow residents to provide their own comments and feedback after receiving public safety service.

The program will provide the department insight into areas where they can improve the service they provide to the community, as well as help share positive feedback with officers.

“We’re excited to implement this new service as an additional and convenient way for community members to provide us with feedback after an interaction with our officers,” Chief Marag said. “We want to know how we are doing and residents’ responses will both allow us to provide positive feedback to officers and know how we can improve.”

Not everyone will receive a survey and residents who do not want to participate can simply not respond. As with all texts, residents may reply with “STOP” and that will opt them out of all future text surveys from the department.

A phone number and QR codes will also soon be made available to residents who would like to take a survey and provide feedback without receiving a text message.

These surveys should not be used to report any type of emergency or crime. As always, call 911 in an emergency.

An informational video about the service, provided by CueHit, can be viewed here.