Town of Randolph, Police and Fire Departments Warn Residents of Scam Spoofing Town Phone Numbers

RANDOLPH — Town Manager Brian Howard, Police Chief William Pace and Fire Chief Richard Donovan are warning residents about a telephone scam in which the caller is spoofing official town phone numbers.

The Randolph Police Department has received several reports today of residents receiving calls from the Town of Randolph asking them for personal information. This is a scam call. The Town of Randolph will never call asking for personal information such as bank account information or a social security number.

Residents have also reported receiving calls from phone numbers appearing on caller ID as the Randolph Fire Department and Randolph High School.

Town officials warn that residents should NEVER give personal information, social security numbers or credit card numbers to people who call their homes or cell phones unless you are entirely sure who is on the other end.

If someone calls to collect on a debt or is seeking personal information, remember that you can always hang up and call back a phone number you know is correct or look up the number yourself.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has several tips for residents looking to protect themselves from falling victim to a phone scam:

  • Let calls from unknown phone numbers go to voicemail. Do not answer.
  • If a caller claims to represent a company, like Google or Apple, hang up. Call the company, and verify if that individual was actually who they were claiming to be. Be sure to call the correct phone number by going to the organization’s website or looking at a recent bill from that organization.
  • Know that even “local” numbers on caller ID may not be from a local caller.
  • Never pay for a service with a gift card. Legitimate companies and organizations will not ask you to pay for any service with a gift card.
  • Report scam calls with the FCC Consumer Complaint Center by visiting
  • Report any money lost to a scam call to local police.
  • Check to see if your phone company has a service that will block robocalls.
  • Consider adding your telephone numbers to the National Do Not Call Registry Law abiding telemarketers will not call phone numbers once they are added to the list.

If residents have any questions or feel that they have been victimized, they are encouraged to call Randolph Police at 781-963-1212.